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About Donald Brown

A local boy that graduated from Paschal High School in 1982 and soon ran off to the big city of Lubbock, Texas and onto my next life. After a short stay in Lubbock, I joined the United States Air Force to see the world. It was in the military where I learned personal sacrifice and what it meant to serve. Leaving the military, I joined a government contractor to help move military men and women around the globe helping others find their next life. I continued to work in government contracting and was responsible for multiple negotiations on a multi-million-dollar government contract, so details were important. Although we were a transportation company, we were truly a customer service company with a transportation background helping over 65,0000 customers each year.
My history is unique to me and important to note that I have been in the customer service business for most of my life with a lot of negotiation experience. I give credit to the military for providing me life lessons and a diverse outlook on many different customs and cultures. I have moved my life and possessions over 22 times, each move had its wonderful challenges. Moving allows each of us to find a new life leaving the old baggage behind. Whether it was renting or buying, I loved the hunt to find my next dream life.
Ultimately family and my heart called me back to Texas! I want to share my experiences and life lessons to help you to Find Your Next Dream Life.
My 3 Promises to you are:
1. I will always be on time, every time.
2. I will always be brutally honest.
3. I will always do what I say I will do for you.
The 3 things I do with and for my clients:
1. Consult with you…I will make sure you make an educated decision at every step in the process.
2. Negotiate for you…This means I will treat your money likes it’s my money.
3. Handle all the Details for you…This means I will ensure the hundreds of steps in the real estate process are handled properly for you.